The UAWG’s mission is to strengthen Rochester NY’s urban agriculture movement, develop community leaders, and collaboratively identify and address policy, resource and educational barriers to urban agriculture and community gardening of all kinds.

We believe that community gardens and urban farming can and should be an important part of the long-term revitalization of Rochester. Urban agriculture takes some of Rochester’s greatest strengths – committed and passionate residents, strong neighborhoods, a rich horticultural history, fantastic growing climate and a ton of knowledgeable people – and brings them to bear on some of our biggest struggles – poverty and unemployment, struggling schools, limited opportunities for youth, segregation, environmental degradation, and civic disengagement.

As members of the Urban Agriculture Working Group, we are striving to unlock and unleash the civic power of urban gardeners and farmers in Rochester. We do this by making existing resources easier to find and navigate, hosting programs and conferences to connect gardeners with one another, offering opportunities for community leaders to develop their skills, and by partnering with the City of Rochester to address policy and resource barriers to urban growing.

There have been community gardens in Rochester for decades anytime neighbors came together to feed each other or to beautify a vacant lot. Now it’s time for us to grow together. We’ll see you in the gardens!

Working Group Member Organizations

Membership in the UAWG is open to all community gardens, urban farms and allied organizations in the Greater Rochester region. You can find more information about joining the UAWG, as well as about our programs and advocacy, here and on our Facebook and Instagram.

  • 19th Ward Community Association
  • 490 Farmers
  • Bay St. Community Garden
  • Common Ground
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County
  • Foodlink, Inc.
  • GIS Scholars
  • Herald St. Community Garden
  • Lexington Avenue Urban Farm
  • Marketview Heights Collective Action Project
  • Neighborhood of the Arts Community Garden
  • Portland Peace Garden
  • Prosper Community Garden
  • RIT University/Community Partnerships
  • School Without Walls
  • South Wedge Victory Gardens (South Wedge Planning Committee)
  • Taproot Collective
  • United for a Better Neighborhood
  • Villa of Hope Youth Garden

Community Sponsors

The work of the UAWG is made possible by the generous support of several sponsors and partners who have provided financial, staff, venue and material support.